Judaism via the Media

The most effective means of reaching the general public is via the media and the Internet. Accordingly, Machanaim provides regular Torah material in Russian to the media and the Internet. Given the rapid development of new communications media, Machanaim has developed a new communications project. Discussion groups planned and developed special programs suited to the culture and way of life of the immigrant from Russia. Most immigrants from the former Soviet Union have very little Jewish education but a high level of general education. Most currently available material for beginners is not appropriate for a highly educated public who are drawn to the more philosophical aspects of the Jewish religion.

The articles, broadcasts and discussions organized by Machanaim (described below) generate considerable interest among the general Russian-speaking public. They encourage dialogue and bring olim closer to Jewish culture and the Jewish tradition. The articles and broadcasts bring many Jews to begin studying Judaism and taking increased interest in Jewish practice. For this reason, Machanaim's media programs are an important tool for spreading Torah culture among Russian-speaking immigrants.

The Written Media

Machanaim publishes a weekly column in each Thursday issue of the Russian newspaper "Vesti" on the weekly Torah portion. The articles deal with commentaries on the weekly portion and their modern-day implications.

In addition, Machanaim produces a weekly article on Judaism and contemporary issues, as well as occasional articles on Judaism and science.

Machanaim also continues a series of articles in the newspaper "Vesti" on the topic of "Overcoming Prejudices".

All of this material is available through the Russian part of this web site. It is updated as the articles are written. The archives of this material are also available on the site.


Many Russian-speaking olim have access to computers, and therefore Machanaim decided to develop an interactive program via the Internet. It should be noted that the programs on the Internet reach Russia, as well as Russian-speaking Jewish communities all over the world. The site http://machanaim.org presents Torah articles in Russian, articles on the weekly Torah portion, educational material on the Jewish holidays, and information on educational programs in Russian. The Internet site also offers the possibility to ask questions of a Russian-speaking certified rabbi. Currently under development are programs for children and daily, interactive discussion groups. getLinks());?>